Lead Generation Automation ✅

In Company X, they generated new Leads for their products via a customized landing page. But the process at the time was quite time consuming as the completed forms were accumulated in the info@… email inbox. you can only imagine how many people were involved in this process. It took at least 24 hours before the newly acquired demand reached the seller, that time is worth a lot in the terms of selling.

In cooperation with the Company X we have worked on the project for our service Advanced Digital Marketing Solutions. Namely we have developed a unique system that automatically send new lead that was generated via landing page, directly to CRM of the company and is assigned to a specific commercialist.  

However, Company X came a long way from hand re-writing leads from email inbox to inbox to CRM. We have successfully shorten the gap between lead and sales person. Now the way of new lead is: landing page -> CRM.

The goal was to reduce the steps and time in the process of processing requests from the entrance through the landing page to the assignment to the consultant. We can proudly say that the goal was reached. 

Due to trade secrets, the real company is named Company X.

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