Generated More Than 3.500 Leads 😱

In cooperation with Company X we have executed a Digital Marketing Campaign on Facebook. The goal of the campaign was to boost sales in online shop. For purposes of boost all the products in the shop were on discount for the time of 24 hours. 

We did not announce this discount or otherwise warm up the audience. We have just structure the campaign and run ads on the date from 00:00 until the end of the day when we stopped them at 23:59.

The only thing that was supported beside paid ads on Facebook the campaign was also supported with Email Marketing.

The results we have achieved with that campaign were envious, namely ROAS from Facebook ads were more than 100 – more precisely 137.5. The funny thing is that we have only spent couple of tens more than 200€. But with that we have generated more than 550 orders, which the total value has exceeded more than 30.000€. However, since it was a carefully planned campaign and of course the bidding system was manual, the purchase price was less than 0.50€. The average value of the purchase was around 50€, which is also higher than the average by around 60%.

Due to trade secrets, the real company is named Company X.

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