Company X Recorded More Than €5 Million (new) Quotes 💸

Company X hired us for a campaign to fill the demand base for the summer because, based on experience from years past, the summer months are pretty bad with an influx of new demand for their business. For better leads quality we have used a special adjusted landing page and extended contact from that we got even more data from our leads. 

The campaign was limited to one month and was a combination of radio ads with digital marketing ads. In order to collect demand for the business, we used a specially adapted landing page, the company’s primary page and the call centre.

The result of the campaign can boast as the best month in the last 10 years of Company X.

Company X has allocated a 2,500€ budget for digital marketing. We spent 2,515.37€.

Company X recorded a total inflow of 1,218 requests. Of this, they produced 934 inquiries with a total value of just over 5,300,000€.

Due to trade secrets, the real company is named Company X. 

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