Company X Increased Online Sales by More Than 400% During COVID-19 🔥

Company X has been hit very hard by the crisis of the new corona virus. Among other things, when a decree on the direct sale of goods or services was adopted in March 2020, this was also known to Company X. Company X already had its own online store. However, the majority of revenue were physical sales of goods or products. The online store operates ONLY in Slovenia in a very specific industry and is not suitable for everyone.

Company X hired us to do digital marketing “crisis” activities, namely to increase online sales for as much as possible, without restrictions. The monthly budget was 1,000€ for Google AdWords ads.

In April, with our activities, we managed to increase the monthly sales by as much as 464.74%. From almost 6,000€ of monthly turnover that the company achieved in the same period last year, ie in April 2019, in April 2020 we achieved a little more than 33,000€ of monthly turnover in the online store. The number of purchases in the online store increased from 80 to 250. Like the average value of a purchase in April 2020, it was around 130€.

Due to trade secrets, the real company is named Company X.

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